“The Nuts and Bolts of Memoir” begins September 7

Nuts & Bolts Image - no Personal e-Study Course“The Nuts and Bolts of Memoir” begins on September 7. This nine-week online course introduces students of all levels to the fundamentals of personal narrative.  How do we turn the raw materials of life into powerful, vivid stories? Where do we begin the memoir?  Where does it end? The nine lessons in this popular course guide students through the memoir writing process, step by step, with weekly feedback on assignments. Early registration ends 8/23.

“When You’re Falling, Dive” in San Jose

IMG_2841The “When You’re Falling, Dive” workshop in San Jose was wonderful! We focused on principles of resilience and survival taken from the book, and what a powerful, inspiring group of writers and seekers this was.  “Survivors are more urgently rooted in life than the rest of us,” as Terence des Pres wrote.  “Their will to survive is one with the thrust of life itself, as stubborn as the upsurge of spring.”  Thank you for reminding me why I wrote WYFD.  Hope to see you again soon!

Waking Sleeping Beauty: Eros, Passion, and Discovery

Orange-Sleeping-Beauty-300x300Registration is now open for my upcoming online writing course, “Waking Sleeping Beauty: Eros, Passion, and Discovery.” This provocative, inspirational course is an exploration of how erotic life helps to shape personal destiny. Eros includes all our senses, especially the imagination, and not merely the sexual. By examining your unique erotic footprint, we come into bloom as artists, lovers, and seekers, and gain deeper access to our potential. I hope you can join us!  Register now.

“Writing To Awaken” in London

imgresI’m looking forward to teaching “Writing To Awaken” in London on June 7! This hands on, one day workshop introduces students of expressive writing as a path of self-inquiry and personal transformation.  When we realize that every life is a work of fiction, and that we are not the story — but are, instead, the author — it frees from the limits of self-created narratives.  We gain insight into the true nature of of our experience and the creative power at our disposal at every moment.  I hope that you can join me for this event sponsored by Alternatives London.  See you there!  Click here for more information

Tricycle Interview with Jane Hirshfield

Jane Hirshfield It was wonderful to talk to poet Jane Hirshfield about the artist’s life for Tricycle Magazine. Hirshfield is a rare phenomenon, a world-class writer as dedicated to spiritual awakening as she is to the beauty of language.  Her two new books, “The Beauty” and “Ten Windows: How Great Poems Transform the World,” are not to be missed. As Hirshfield says in the piece, “Art isn’t a superficial addition to our lives; it’s as necessary as oxygen.”  http://www.tricycle.com/blog/felt-its-fullness

Origins in Memoir Writing: A Nine-Week Online Course

Heritage-1-300x298-1I’m looking forward my next online class, “Origins in Memoir Writing: Legacy, Lineage, and Blood Relations,” beginning April 6.  Each of us exists on a family tree, and cannot escape our heritage any more than an apple can deny the tree.  What is the nature of your emotional and spiritual inheritance and how has it shaped who you are and informed your personal narrative?  In this nine-week online class, you’ll learn how to incorporate family history into your memoir.  Click here for more info & registration.