Writing As a Spiritual Practice

Writing as a Spiritual Practice

A Six-Week Online Class
June 18 – July 29, 2018
Class fee: $375 (Early registration fee $325 – Register on or before June 4)

This course introduces students to the power of writing as a path of spiritual awareness and self-realization. Until we question our beliefs, we cannot know who we are; until we examine who we are, as Socrates reminded us, life is not worth living.

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Those of us who are committed to spiritual growth often turn to the written page as a place for personal awakening. In dialogue with our writing self, we’re able to explore our deepest questions, investigate our darkest shadows, and articulate our boldest visions. Writing To Awaken is a six-week guided journey of exploration into why you are here, how you awaken, and where you feel in need of guidance. You’ll learn that writing can be a path of self-realization, serving as your most trusted confidante, mindfulness teacher, and therapeutic guide.

In Writing as a Spiritual Practice, you will learn to use your intuitive voice as a doorway to self-knowledge and enlightened awareness, opening doors to creativity, deepened relationships (to oneself and others), and greater clarity on the path of everyday life. Using writing as a spiritual practice can be every bit as potent as meditation, prayer, or yoga. In fact, scientific studies have proven that writing has healing benefits for a variety of emotional, physical, and mental issues.

In this online class, students will explore:

  • How to cultivate witness consciousness
  • How to develop beginner’s mind
  • How to tell “the untold story”
  • How to look underneath our own secrets
  • How to using writing as a spiritual refuge
  • How to heal shame, fear, and ignorance
  • How to connect to others more heartfully and transparently
  • How to imbue memoir with spiritual wisdom
  • How to stay connected to our deeper purpose
  • How to use story as a doorway to wisdom

We hope that you will join us for this transformational online class.

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Dates: June 18 – July 29, 2018
Class fee: $375 (Early registration fee $325 – Register on or before June 4)

How the online classes work

In the week prior to the start of the class, you will receive an invitation to join the Google Group for the class where all assignments, individual work and Mark’s weekly comments will be posted. Using Google Groups allows the class to read, comment and support each other’s work in a positive and nurturing environment.

Each Monday, for the duration of the class, a new lesson will be posted to the Google Group. Students post their work to the Group by the following Saturday evening. Assignments should be no more than 1,000 words.

On Sunday, Mark responds to each student, commenting and giving notes on their writing and progress. Students are invited to correspond with Mark privately about their writing process or work they prefer to not to share with the Group.

A group teleconference is held during the session to provide an opportunity for students to ask questions and talk together about their work. This will be scheduled once the class begins.

Here’s what former students have to say about working with Mark:

“I just completed Mark’s online writing class and I’m feeling a deep sense of gratitude for being able to participate in such an incredible, enlightening, and healing experience. The meaningful assignments led to a wealth of self-discovery! With Mark’s in-depth, heartfelt, and insightful analysis of each student’s writing each week he pointed out exactly what we needed to focus on within ourselves to move forward on our path to awareness and achieving our highest potential. I’ve taken several of a Mark’s online classes and I can’t wait for the next class that I signed up for to start. My life has changed for the better due to the work I’ve done with Mark and his knowledge, integrity, and commitment to his students is beyond compare!”

~Stacey Cohen

“I recently finished an online writing course with Mark Matousek. After 30 years of seeking I found Mark to be someone who gently and consciously offers feedback, teaching, and healing that gave me permission to safely peer into my inner world. The way in which Mark responds to each piece of writing is powerful and served as an opportunity for me to awaken to all my stories and conditioning. In 6 weeks the insights and doors to deeper creative potential were wide open. I highly recommend working with Mark!”

~Lisa Marie, Entrepreneur, ERYT

“Mark Matousek is an insightful, compelling and incisive teacher…truthful, direct, compelling, open, and compassionate. He takes students on a provocative journey to places we need to go if we are to live and create from our deepest selves. His deeply spiritual center and his generosity of spirit combine to make his being, his writings and his teaching magical transformative experiences.”

~Marcia Lippman, photographer

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