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Make Peace With Your Mind: A Conversation With Mark Coleman

Mark ColemanI had a terrific conversation with Mark Coleman, the meditation teacher and therapist, about how to defeat bullies within and without. His new book, Make Peace With Your Mind, is full of good stuff. Here’s a quote from our interview:

“The critic really started as a survivor mechanism in early infancy and childhood when we were trying to navigate our early family system and culture. When we’re learning how to fit in so we could optimize that flow of love and affection. It was an internal voice telling us to shut certain patterns and reactions down, that negativity bias that’s always looking for what’s wrong, looking for the threat. That tendency gets dovetailed into the critic, so that we don’t just notice what’s wrong. Instead, the critic comes in and nails us, slams us for it.”

Read the full interview here.

Sitting Down With Elizabeth Lesser

marrowWhat a wonderful book this is! Elizabeth Lesser is among our wisest and most human teachers. This is the love story between Elizabeth and her sister, Maggie, filled with insight, humor, and heart. Here’s my latest blog for Psychology Today on our conversation about her book and insights on the art of loving. Marrow is a must read.

It Didn’t Start With You – An Interview with Mark Wolynn

It Didn't Start With YouI talked to my friend Mark Wolynn about his eye-opening new book, It Didn’t Start With You, for Psychology Today.  Mark’s book is a groundbreaking approach to transforming traumatic legacies passed down in families over generations. Mark is Director of The Family Constellations Institute and an expert in healing inherited trauma. I learned a lot from our conversation.

Read the interview here.

The School of Life: An Interview With Alain de Botton

Experience-Alain-de-Botto-001Alain de Botton is one of my favorite living writers. It was great to interview him for Psychology Today.  Best known for brilliant, genre-rattling books that include How Proust Can Change Your Life, Essays in LoveStatus Anxiety, and most recently How To Think More About Sex, de Botton is a prophet provocateur. He is also one of the founders of The School of Life which has a passionate belief in making learning relevant – and so runs courses in the important questions of everyday life. Continue reading

Talking to Dr. Henry Grayson

imgres It was great to interview my old friend Dr. Henry Grayson for Psychology Today. Henry is a pioneer in mind-body healing who first came to my attention with his book Mindful Loving, which I covered for “O” Magazine when it was published. The radical idea in that book was that couples can work out their differences by changing their thoughts about one another. Now Henry has published another envelope-pusher, Use Your Body To Heal Your Mind, full of fascinating new research on self-healing. Check out the interview here.