Unburden Your Heart Online Class

Unburden Your Heart: Letting Go of Anger, Pain & Fear
Six-Week Online Class
March 6 – April 16, 2017

In times of social change and confusion, it’s important to be able to travel light. With every abysmal headline and news byte, our burden of painful old stories grows more unwieldy.  Histories of shame, regret, loss, disappointment, anger, grief, revenge, and fear, sap our precious energy, leaving us less resilient and courageous than we actually are.

In this new six-week online class, we’ll focus on letting go of the pointless baggage that weighs us down and dampens our spirit. Exploring destructive myths in writing frees us of negative beliefs and self-doubt as we learn to let the past be the past. But how do we practice the art of surrender? How to live without the secret rewards that come with playing the victim? In the absence of obsolete stories and grudges, tired old arguments, blocks, and resentments, who might you be? And what could you do with this newfound freedom?

Many of us are asking these days: How is a person supposed to live in such disturbing times? What kind of people do we want to be? The answer begins with self-liberation, lightening our emotional loads, and focusing on self-care. By unburdening our hearts, we free up our energy to enact positive change in the world, and embody the solution instead of the problem. What could be more hopeful than that?

Unburden Your Heart will help you to:
  • Explore and release painful stories from the past
  • Surrender patterns of blame and regret
  • Reveal secret payoffs of playing the victim
  • Confront the fear of freedom from suffering
  • Lighten the load of destructive emotions
  • Cultivate present moment awareness through self-inquiry

Online Class Fee: $365

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Online Classes

Designed for writers of all levels, Mark’s Online Classes explore themes that awaken creative potential, promote psychological insight, and deepen spiritual awareness. They are intended to help individuals explore their inner world from the privacy of their home, while being a part of by a like-minded community.

Through Mark’s guided lessons and weekly responses, students are guided on an in-depth journey of transformational writing and self-discovery.

“When you tell the truth, your story changes.
“When your story changes, your life is transformed.”

Whether you are writing for publication, personal awakening, or both, these intimate and thought-provoking classes provide a safe environment for growth and exploration. Students are encouraged to share their work with the class and join in the rich online dialogue. Participation in group dialogue is optional and anonymity is guaranteed.

Mark hosts one group teleconference during each six-week class (two for nine-week classes) that provide an opportunity for students to ask questions and discuss their work. These are scheduled once the class begins.

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