When You’re Falling, Dive

When You’re Falling, Dive: Thriving in Adversity

Why do some people blossom through adversity while others fall apart? What mysterious power gets us back on our feet after we’ve been knocked down? How can we draw wisdom, passion, and strength, from times of crisis?

In this inspiring workshop, Mark draws on his decades of experience as a survivor, as well as wisdom culled from meetings with other remarkable survivors (collected in the book, When You’re Falling, Dive) to present a series of lessons for mastering the tools of post-traumatic growth. The enlightening exercises in this course are intended to help “post-catastrophe” people re-imagine their lives moving forward. Intimate, supportive, and transformational, “When You’re Falling, Dive” provides participants with a map to personal healing. Using personal writing, group interaction, and one-on-one meetings with Mark, participants will learn tools, tricks, and teaching stories to help them through their dark night of the soul. Life-affirming and provocative, this workshop has helped students around the world to find their way back to solid ground after great loss, and to envision their lives anew.

Students will learn:

• How to reimagine your personal story
• How to become comfortable with discomfort
• How to use loss as a form of liberation
• How to understand that no matter what is happening, something else is also true
• How to start anew using beginner’s mind
• How to use writing as a tool for self-transformation

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“Mark’s workshop was remarkable on several levels starting with his gentle introduction to self discovery through writing. We were a group of strangers, some of whom were skeptics some of whom were sad some of whom were angry and confused but all of whom were looking for enlightenment. We found our bliss individually through sequentially planned steps designed by Mark to lead us in sharing our stories in words both written and spoken. This was a powerful exercise exceeding my expectations and it worked for us collectively and individually only because Mark was a patient, humorous and spiritually connected teacher.Never would I have considered “emotion” as a vehicle for expressing my core truths but there I was on Sunday morning choking up as I read my own definition of “Pure Love”. Thank you Mark Matousek for guiding me through this, truly a life changing experience.”
-Nick Hahn, Founder of Hahn International

“Using Mark and his classes as a form of life coaching is what has been working for me on this quest called – My Life – What happened, Why is it happening now, and How to make it happen for the greater good for me. The more I understand about my past, behaviors, feelings, stories, etc; the more I am able to move forward, dropping the unnecessary baggage along the way. He has shed so much light on my dark and dirty spots with his astute and introspective questions. The only thing I want from Mark and his classes is more!
-Ferebe Conchar Watson, dancer