Writing to Awaken at the SAND Conference

I had a wonderful time presenting Writing To Awaken at the SAND Conference at Titignano Castle near Orvieto in Italy in July. What a location! Zaya and Maurizio Benazzo, the founders of SAND, are excellent hosts and always produce a mind-bending event, where scientists join with spiritual and self-development teachers to create visionary programs. Where else can you learn from an quantum physicist in the morning and a non-dual master in the afternoon? Check out the next conference this October in San Jose.

Writing to Awaken in Italy

This year’s writing retreat in Italy was among the best we’ve ever had. A great group assembled from the U.S., Australia, and Canada for work-filled week at a 17th century villa near Lucca, complete with an olive grove, vineyard, salt-water pool, and plenty of open space to wander around the stunning grounds. In the afternoons, we took the group on local excursions to a private castle in a Medieval village, the marble caves at Carrara (whence sprang Michelangelo’s David), and dinner on sea in Viarregio. Thanks so much to everyone who came.

June Newsletter

Happy Summer! Here’s a link to June’s newsletter, “Sail Away To Safe Harbor.” Mark Twain wrote, “Sail away from safe harbor. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Summer is the time to break free, take risks, and enjoy ourselves, and in this month’s edition of the newsletter you’ll find a number of offerings that can help you do just that. Hope to see you. https://conta.cc/2NvlBT8.

Writing to Awaken in London with Alternatives

We had an unusually large, intelligent group at London’s Conway Hall last Sunday. Sixty people from all over the UK came together to do self-inquiry through writing in deep work in this historic venue. Thanks to everyone for your fine work and to Alternatives for hosting the event. I hope to see you again next year! On to Prague for the next workshop at Maitrea!

Woodstock Book Festival

It was great to be at the Woodstock Book Festival again this year! I was on a panel moderated by Gail Straub with my dear friend Elizabeth Lesser, talking about books and consciousness. I’m always amazed by the concentration of creative, like-minded people in Woodstock, and am grateful to Jackie at The Golden Notebook bookstore for always making me feel so welcome.Till next year!

The Skeptic’s Guide to Enlightenment

Here’s my most recent post on Psychology Today, The Skeptic’s Guide to Enlightenment: How to Wake Up Without Losing Your Mind. It explores the difference between skepticism and cynicism, and the value of doubt on the path to wisdom. The trouble with spirituality for many people is the call for faith, and blind belief in things we have not experienced ourselves. But what if it’s possible to be skeptical and open at the time, discerning but also curious? What if this integration could change your life? Read it here.