February, 2007
The Author Speaks: Writing to Live

Common Boundary

July, 1995
Interview with Daskalos

Common Boundary
Naked Eye Column

November/December 1999
A Fond Farewell
March/April 1999
The Mentor Trap
January/February 1999
November/December 1998
Mad Money
September/October 1998
Art of Losing
July/August 1998
I Wish I Was A Christian
May/June 1998
Big Mouth Blues
March/April 1998
The God Ghetto
January/February 1998
All the Lonely People
November/December 1997
September/October 1997
July/August 1997
Ecstasy Part 2
May/June 1997
Gorilla Love
March/April 1997
Chained To God Speak
January/February 1997
The Cat Is On The Roof
July/August 1996
The Fame Game
May/June 1996
The Virtue Of Vice
March/April 1996
Painting Devils
July/August 1995
Fall Of The Colossus
November/December 1994
The Master Stroke
September/October 1994
A Death In The Family
July/August 1994
True Confessions
March/April 1994
Boy Wonder
January/February 1994
Plaster Saints

Interview Magazine
August, 1985
John Hughes in Interview

O Magazine
February, 2007
Goodbye, Hello
April 2004
Can You Change Your Partner
Just by Changing Yourself?

Oprah’s Live Your Best Life (2004)
Spiritual Energy
March 2004
How to Choose Happiness
July 2003
How to Radiate Positive Energy
December 2001
Wisdom Roundup

March 1997
Dead Gorgeous

October/November 1994
Savage Grace

The New Yorker
December 25, 2000
Talk of the Town, Dept. of Belles
Lettres a Critical Clinic

August 9, 2011
Summer 2008
Elevated Music

Utne Reader
July/August 1998
Ken Wilber Interview
November/December 1996
Sentenced to Life