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The Virtue of Vice: A New Piece in Contemplative Journal

hawaii-142138_1920I’ve been getting a lot of responses to my latest blog for Contemplative Journal, The Virtue of Vice. “As much as I craved order, boundaries, and moderation, I deeply needed abandon, too—a chink in my character to let off steam, a wicked outlet to spice things up,” I write in the piece. “Without room for transgression, the days grew overly predictable, stupefied by their own too-goodness, like a row of tight-lipped ladies nodding off in church.”

The Art of Surrender

imagesSurrender has long been a dirty word in a culture steeped in do-or-die machismo, in which giving in — even when fighting is useless — is often seen as giving up. Yet most of the things that truly matter — love, art, awakening, service — require significant leaps of surrender. Here’s my column from this month’s Contemplative Journal.

Contemplative Journal

contemplative journalI’m excited to announce my monthly column in Contemplative Journal beginning January, 2014.  This new online magazine offers spiritually nourishing, intellectually stimulating perspectives on a wide range of topics including business, education, the arts, science and nature, health and wellness, faith and spirituality, and spiritual practice, as well as free access to some of today’s best spiritual writing.  Check them out at