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“This Mortal Coil” on ABC Radio, Sydney

IMG_4568What a terrific conversation I had with Sarah MacDonald at ABC Radio in Sydney. Sarah is a media fixture down here, having had the top-rated interview show in the country, and has just debuted a new program called “This Mortal Coil.”  She’ll be doing in-depth, hour-long pieces on psychology, philosophy, spirituality, and the arts, and I was honored to be her first guest on the program. Lucky timing — being in Australia teaching this month. Listen to the interview here.

New Releases: Audio Books and Podcasts

WYFD Image - AudibleHallelujah!  Our first line of audio products is finally on sale on iTunes and Audible.  The audio versions of “When You’re Falling, Dive” and “Sex Death Enlightenment” are on sale on iTunes and Audible. It’s so strange to go back and read a book out loud that you wrote almost 20 years ago. You don’t recognize parts of that immature writer (who wrote such embarrassing things!) and it also makes you see how much you’ve changed.  Continue reading