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My Invisible Lover

56-18562-laura-1406743631Here’s my latest piece for Purple Clover.  It’s called “My Invisible Lover,” and tells the story of Laura Sauvebelle, my college French professor, literary mentor, and friend with memorable benefits.  When I moved to the south of France this summer, I hoped to find my old friend again but what awaited me was something I never expected.  Sometimes the past comes back to haunt you. Read the piece here.

How To Visit Your Family Without Going Crazy

I wrote about holidays with the family for Purple Clover this week. “If you want to see your family without going nuts, stop expecting them to change. Abandon all hope that they will become the family you’d choose if you were in charge and see them, instead, as human beings. Remind yourself that underneath the small talk, the fake bonhomie of mismatched strangers struggling to feel like a family unit, runs a river whose contents are thicker than water.” Continue reading.

Why Thanksgiving?

56-10030-turkey-1385172506 I was talking to my mother-in-law about Thanksgiving. “What is there to be thankful for?” she asked?  I understood her desperate question. Bev has had a terrible year. Her husband’s dementia is out of control, her grandson just fathered a kid out of wedlock, the economy stinks, she has pain in her legs, and Barack Obama is still in the White House. “The world is going to pot,” Bev tells me.  “How could a person be thankful for this?” I answered her in my latest blog for Purple Clover.

Voices Carry: The Truth About How We Live Today

Voices CarryCheck out Purple Clover’s first anthology. I have a piece in it called The Optimist’s Manifesto. Available on Amazon.  Enjoy!
“The eleven writers featured here, in Purple Clover’s inaugural collection of personal essays, are the Lena Dunhams of our generation — a little older, possibly a little wiser, certainly more experienced and generally less inclined to parade around naked. The essays — taken from our site’s popular Voices series — covers everything from finding love in midlife to the joys and heartbreak of adoption to a longtime married couple navigating the shoals of their new stay-at-home status to a bold journey of sexual reawakening. Collectively, they reflect the emotional truth of how we live today.”

The Mystery of Love in Purple Clover

56-6584-screen-shot-2013-09-19-at-10-1379610711I’ve gotten lots of good feedback on “The Mystery of Love” in Purple Clover. Here’s how it opens: “Love is the greatest mystery. It comes when you’re least expecting it, and disappears when you think it is here to stay. The heat that ignites it at the beginning is doused by the intimacy it creates. Love’s a portal, a mirror, a cross to bear, a joy, a heartbreak, and an axe. It cuts through your hard parts, the gristly parts, and lays your beating heart bare. Then, one way or the other, it kicks your ass.”   Continue reading

Secrets and Lies

56-5745-158927527-1377878215I’ve gotten lots of good feedback on “Secrets and Lies,” my latest column on Purple Clover. It’s about the “chameleon effect,” as it’s known in psychology, and the fact that each of us has a secret life (or lives) whether or not we admit it, “Every life is a patchwork of secrets, half-truths, evasions, shams and disguises. The most authentic among us have hidden compartments, shadowy corners and taboo behaviors we keep under wraps for fear of destroying our public image,” the piece begins. Read the blog here.