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What Is Enough?: Indestructible Gratitude – Seekers Session

tsf-thumbnailJoin me this Sunday, November 6 at 5 pm EST for the Live Seekers Session Teleconference, What Is Enough?: Indestructible Gratitude. We’ll be talking about sufficiency and the cultivation of thankfulness. To recognize your inherent wholeness is the heart of spiritual practice. To feel gratitude for our precious lives, knowing that who you are is more than enough, is the bridge to an awakened life.

These monthly Seekers Sessions are the kickoff to each new program from The Seekers Forum, my community of fellow seekers and inquisitive minds interested in exploring spiritual and philosophical questions in a dogma-free atmosphere of self-inquiry, inspiration, and spiritual practice. It’s modeled after the sufi concept of sohbet, which is the spiritual talk of friends. Each program continues through the month with video lessons, a guest interview, and discussion prompts to promote dialog and further the conversation in The Forum, the online discussion room. Visit The Seekers Forum for more information and to become a member.


Inside The Miracle: My Talk with Mark Nepo

Mark NepoI recently had the pleasure of talking to Mark Nepo for The Seekers Forum about his new book “Inside the Miracle: Enduring Suffering, Approaching Wholeness.” Mark Nepo is a poet and philosopher who has taught in the fields of poetry and philosophy for over forty years. His many published works include “The Book of Awakening,” a number one New York Times Best Seller. He devotes his writing and teaching to the process of inner transformation and the life of relationship. I spoke to him about gratitude, faith and the acceptance on the path of awakening. I hope you enjoy our conversation. has Launched!

TSF Logo - Blue BackgroundI’m delighted to announce the launch of  The Seekers Forum is an ongoing life-course and global online community designed to cultivate wisdom and positive change in your life. I began The Seekers Forum in 2013, and for the past two years, I’ve offered a monthly teleconference on subjects concerned with how to live an awakened life. When our community grew around the world, it was time to expand the concept into a multimedia platform with videos, podcasts, guest interviews, as well as the regular monthly talk. Each month-long program focuses on a topic linked to creativity, personal growth, spiritual practice and ethical well-being and immerses you in a contemplative subject matter intended to help you Awaken To Your Life. Visit for complete details on how to become a member. Share your journey.

It Is Sweet To Do Nothing

56-5102-man_doing_nothing-1376602494Being idle is a worthy occupation, particularly in these last days of summer. I was thinking about this in Provincetown over the weekend — how rare it is to do absolutely nothing — and how wonderful.  Dolce far niente, the Italians tell us.  It is sweet to do nothing.  That’s the subject of this Sunday’s Seeker’s Forum, called “In Praise of Idleness” as well as my new blog on Purple Clover. Continue reading

Ethical Wisdom For Friends

ewffI just recorded a podcast titled “Ethical Wisdom for Friends” for this month’s Seeker’s Forum.  I talk about a handful of common friendship dilemmas through the lens of the five-part “moral organ” in our brains. This moral organ evolved to sensitize humans to five particular areas of ethical concern: Harm and Care, Justice and Fairness, Loyalty to the In-Group, Authority and Respect, Sacredness and Purity.
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