Awakening Genius

Awakening Genius: An Exploration of Desire & The Creative Life

Each of us is born with a unique gift. Within every person exists an original spark of creativity waiting to be ignited. This creative power is our genius, a source of inherent brilliance whose dynamic potential can transform our lives once we know how to find it.

Insight is the key to this power – desire is its fuel. Artists, seekers, lovers, entrepreneurs – all innovators, in fact – recognize that desire is the indispensable fuel for creative endeavor. It is desire that opens new doors, buoys us with passion, expands our horizons and deepens our minds, hearts, and spirit. Desire prompts us to transcend our limits, reinvent ourselves, and harness latent creative intelligence stifled by a “shrink to fit” society. Until we learn to accept our desires the genius within is beyond our grasp, as is our creative potential.

We will begin by examining the question of desire and how we can utilize our unique passions. Next, we will turn to the fear of desire, the obstacles and strategies of self-denial that prevent us from being freely creative. Our focus then turns to embracing desire, the acceptance of our particular nature and what we wish to manifest in the world. Finally, we will investigate pathways to desire and create specific strategies for giving birth to personal vision that can help us maintain our connection to our creative force moving forward.

This transformative workshop will teach you how to locate, embrace, and utilize the power of this “genius engine.” On his 80th birthday, the late poet Stanley Kunitz – a paragon of creative self-reinvention – concluded a poem to his wife with these lines: “What makes the engine go? Desire, desire, desire.” This passionate journey will be the guide to your creative gift.

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“Mark’s strengths in teaching are many. His ability to swiftly discern “the hidden
agendas” of his students is remarkable. He is able to respond in subtle ways to their
different needs (either through setting a certain writing topic, or during discussions),
finding ways to challenge that individual — not in a negative or punitive fashion — but
simply to encourage him or her to think through a writing problem. It is my privilege
to recommend him!”
-Christine Stiassni-Gerli, Philanthropist

“As a teacher, Mark had the unique ability to guide me into the depths of my being to the
center of my truth. Rich experiential writing flowed. Then, his insightful, provocative
questions challenged me to tell the dark feelings and secrets. His quiet assurance and
acceptance created a safe space not only for me, but also for all my classmates and our
writing became genuine, profound and captivating.”
-Diane Harkin, Interfaith Minister