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What do you hold sacred? In an era focused on surface over depth, success over wisdom, and material goods over inner treasure, many of us lose track of the power of sacredness in our lives – and how we suffer in its absence. But do we mean by sacredness?  Do we need faith in order to know what’s sacred? Is sacredness personal or religious (or both)? Is the Sacred esoteric, rare, and confined to particular spaces and things?  Or is the Sacred  ubiquitous and everyday, defining the very substance of what makes us human, and infusing the world with brightness and care?

In this popular six-week e-course, Journey to the Sacred: A Six-Week Writing Pilgrimage, Mark Matousek reveals the necessity for sacredness in everyday life, and how the discovery of what we hold sacred opens the door to deep happiness. These eloquently written teachings will open your heart and deepen your understanding of authentic spiritual practice and awakening.

Your responses to the lessons in Journey to the Sacred will reveal more than you may realize about how you experience life, what you expect from yourself and others, where you are wounded and in need of healing, and how deeply – or haltingly – you are able to love. These six eye-opening lessons will inspire you spiritually, broaden you psychologically, and empower you emotionally. They will sharpen your awareness of all that is mysterious, marvelous, and transformational in the sacred dimension of your life.


“Mark Matousek is an insightful, compelling, and incisive teacher…truthful, direct, open, and compassionate. He takes students on a provocative journey to places we need to go if we are to live and create from our deepest selves.”

-Marcia Lippman, photographer

What you will learn in Journey to the Sacred:

● In Lesson One, “What is Sacred?,” Mark invites you to explore the question of where you currently find sacredness in your life

● In Lesson Two, “The Role of Disgust,” you are introduced to the link between the moral emotion of disgust and the need for sacredness in human evolution

● The contrast between “Soul and Spirit” as spiritual orientations is illuminated in Lesson Three

● Lesson Four is an overview of “Beginners Mind” as a practice for seeing each moment of life through sacramental eyes

● “The Language of Emotions” are the topic of Lesson Five, explaining how language is linked to sacredness, and story is linked to personal meaning

● Finally, in Lesson Six, Mark invites you to consider “The Purpose of Wonder,” and the role of awe and elevation in the process of human enlightenment”

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“Simply put – if you’re looking to make a change, reach beyond your comfort zone and see the world and your life through fresh eyes, take a course with Mark Matousek who is truly a great teacher and a great writer”

~Mary Jo Shen, memoir writer and philanthropist

Full of profound insight and practical lessons drawn from 30 years’ of spiritual practice,  Journey to the Sacred will initiate you into a new understanding of what enlightenment means and how to bring sacred awareness into your life using time-honored methods of self-realization:

● The practice of “Beginners Mind” as an antidote to sleepwalking through your life

● The process of self-inquiry as a direct path to transcendental awareness

● Integration of body, mind, and spirit in the process of awakening

By incorporating these sacred practices into your workaday life, you will enrich your connection with others, increase your respect for the natural world, gain access to your mystic core, and broaden your appreciation of life’s magnificence.  Mark brings three decades of experience as an author, teacher, and philosopher to his work with students, emphasizing originality and creative growth through the art of questioning.

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How the course works: The first lesson is delivered via email soon after purchase. A link to a pdf download of the lesson is provided. Each subsequent lesson is delivered in the same manner every seven days for the remainder of the course. Students are encouraged to do these lessons in order, taking no more than a week to complete each one. This creates a learning momentum that serves you well when working solo. Personal e-Study Courses are ideal for people who want to accelerate their learning curve, deepen self-awareness, and explore substantial issues within the framework of a carefully designed curriculum.

“I hope you’ll allow me to use this course to help guide you toward your creative potential.  I believe that you will enjoy not only the process but the outcome as well. Please visit my calendar for a list of classes, workshops, and other events where we can work together, I hope.  And check out The Seekers Forum, my free monthly teleconference and discussion group.  Each month, I give a talk on a topic concerning the question, “How do we live?”