The Question of Meaning

What Is Your Purpose In Life?

Investigate The Question of Meaning and how it leads to personal happiness 

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Our lives are defined by the quest for meaning.  Finding your particular purpose, the ‘why’ behind your life journey, determines more about personal happiness than you may realize. In spite of the American dream, happiness is not something that can be pursued. It must ensue from a life that is founded on meaning.

Rather than encourage the quest for meaning, our culture emphasizes material success – external markers of “well-being” – over building a sense of purpose, finding the source of our deep inspiration, creating a structure of self-belief that can stand up to adversity without robbing us of faith in ourselves. The ability to find meaning in life is what separates persons who flourish from those who merely survive.

In this powerful six-week e-course, The Question of Meaning: A Six-Week Writing Investigation, Mark Matousek helps you to discover what your life truly means and how to locate your deepest purpose. These six eloquently written lessons challenge you to discard outdated story lines and focus your energy on what you care about most deeply and where you find authentic joy. Learn how to cultivate an unshakable sense of significance in your everyday life.

The Question of Meaning is designed to help you discover your life purpose. Discovering this mysterious, untapped potential will be your goal during this six-week intensive.  Step by step, the exercises will guide you through questions on authenticity, personal values, aspiration, vocation, and passion. 


“Mark Matousek is an insightful, compelling and incisive teacher…truthful, direct, compelling, open, and compassionate. He takes students on a provocative journey to places we need to go if we are to live and create from our deepest selves.”

~Marcia Lippman, photographer

What you will learn in The Question of Meaning:

  • The impact of personal meaning on your current life
  • The relationship(s) between meaning and love
  • The connection of meaning to creativity
  • The link(s) between meaning and spiritual awakening
  • How authentic meaning contradicts cultural training
  • Precisely how meaning strengthens us in times of adversity

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“The introspection that resulted from this course was sometimes scary, sometimes difficult, and many times astounding – just what I needed and more.  I am deeply grateful for the experience.”

~Brian Carr, business owner

Filled with psychological wisdom and thought-provoking exercises for self-understanding, this incisive guide to authentic living will help you see yourself – and your story – through new eyes. By cultivating these techniques, you will learn to increase self-esteem, enhance relationships, achieve life goals, and discard outdated agendas.

Mark teaches “When you tell the truth, your story changes. When your story changes, your life is transformed,” He brings three decades of experience as an author, teacher, and philosopher to his work with students, emphasizing originality and creative growth through the art of questioning.

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How the course works: The first lesson is delivered via email soon after purchase. A link to a pdf download of the lesson is provided. Each subsequent lesson is delivered in the same manner every seven days for the remainder of the course. Students are encouraged to do these lessons in order, taking no more than a week to complete each one. This creates a learning momentum that serves you well when working solo. Personal e-Study Courses are ideal for people who want to accelerate their learning curve, deepen self-awareness, and explore substantial issues within the framework of a carefully designed curriculum.

“I hope you’ll allow me to use this course to help guide you toward your creative potential.  I believe that you will enjoy not only the process but the outcome as well. Please visit my calendar for a list of classes, workshops, and other events where we can hopefully work together.  And check out The Seekers Forum, my free monthly teleconference and discussion group.  Each month, I give a talk on a topic concerning the question, “How do we live?”