Creating an Authentic and Meaningful Life 7-Week Web Class

Creating an Authentic and Meaningful Life:
Self-Inquiry as a Path to Wholeness

A Seven-Week LIVE Web Class
Tuesdays at 6:30 pm ET/3:30 pm PT
January 30 – March 13, 2018

Tuition: $475

In this seven-week web class, you will be introduced to the transformative practice of self-inquiry as a path to an authentic and meaningful life. During each 75-minute live web class, Mark will focus on a significant aspect of everyday life – creativity, purpose, relationships, work, desire, the shadow, and spirituality – guiding students through his unique process of self-examination based on his book, Writing to Awaken: A Journey of Truth, Transformation & Self-Discovery.

We all share a longing for wholeness that comes from living an authentic life. Yet many of us feel stuck in the limiting stories of our lives, unable to move forward or change the negative patterns that prevent us from reaching our potential. Fortunately, by questioning the narratives that underlie these blockages, we can transform our experience and awaken to the truth of our own nature.

Each weekly 75-minute web class will include:

    • Mark’s lesson on the week’s topic and self-reflective questions to be explored
    • Two brief writing exercises designed to prompt insight and new perspective
    • A discussion of these inquiries and their implications
    • A group coaching session based on class writing
    • A question and answer segment
    • Overview of following week’s assignment

Mark will also be reading and providing additional individualized writing prompts to each student who posts work.

“In the months prior to this course, I had been questioning almost everything about my life. I was struggling to find meaning in anything I do. Afterward, I have a clarity I have never known before, my path, my mission, my purpose is now clear. Even if you are not a writer (I’m not!), if you are questioning or seeking, DO THIS COURSE. The writing is the tool, the awakening is the result. Thank you, Mark Matousek. You have changed my life.”

~Bill, Australia

Known for his penetrating work with students, Mark brings 30 years experience as a bestselling author, teacher, and seeker to this liberating practice. As Mark says, “When you tell the truth, your story changes. When your story changes, your life is transformed.”

In this class, you will explore:

• The power of self-inquiry as a path of wisdom
• The nature of your creative gifts
• The buried desires that fuel your passion
• Your life’s purpose and how to enact it
• Your patterns in personal relationships
• The shadow that is both hindrance and ally
• Practical steps for deepening mindfulness
• How to free yourself of stories that block you

Though we use writing as a tool for self-inquiry, you don’t have to be a writer to do this practice. The quality of your writing is of no importance; what matters is that you tell the your personal truth, express both your thoughts and feelings, and focus on the questions at hand.

The power of expressive writing is well known. Scientific studies show that as little as 15 minutes of expressive writing a day can have profound physical and psychological effects, including lowered stress levels, a strengthened immune system, and fewer visits to the therapist’s office. Combining the positive effects of personal writing with the ancient practice self-inquiry is what makes Writing To Awaken unique. Sages have taught for millennia that questions can be used to awaken us, starting with the query, “Who am I?” In this course, Mark will apply the practice of self-inquiry to questions of authenticity and meaning, and how to live as a whole human being. The goal is lasting, beneficial change and insight into your experience.

I feel lighter and brighter about myself and life and am not taking myself or others quite as seriously as before.This has translated into a wonderful new sense of freedom, acceptance and more creative juices flowing in my writing and daily life. Overall, an incredibly positive transformative program.                                              

~Anne, USA

The beginning of a New Year is a perfect time to take stock of where you are and gain valuable insight and tools for happiness, creativity, and spiritual awakening that can serve you for the rest of the year and the rest of your life.

If you are someone who wants to expand your life and investigate the questions that matter, we hope you will join us for this seven-week course.

Tuition: $475

How the Web Class Works:

In the week before the first live web class, you will receive an invitation to join the Google Group for the class. All correspondence, assignments, and written work will be posted to this Google Group. The Group creates a destination for the class and offers students the opportunity to respond to and support each other’s work and journey.

Also, in preparation for the first class, you will receive the writing assignment to be completed and posted to the Google Group.

Students should post their responses to the weekly writing prompts by the Sunday before the next live web class. Please keep submissions to 1000 words. If you write more, please notate which section you would like Mark to focus on.

Mark will read and provide additional individualized writing prompts to each student who posts work. Posting work is not mandatory and anonymity is honored.

Each live web class will include:

  • Mark’s weekly lesson
  • Two short writing exercises
  • A group coaching session
  • Q & A session
  • Following week’s assignment

Attendance in all live Web Classes is suggested, but not required. All sessions will be recorded and posted to the Google Group the day after the live web class.

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