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How To Visit Your Family Without Going Crazy

I wrote about holidays with the family for Purple Clover this week. “If you want to see your family without going nuts, stop expecting them to change. Abandon all hope that they will become the family you’d choose if you were in charge and see them, instead, as human beings. Remind yourself that underneath the small talk, the fake bonhomie of mismatched strangers struggling to feel like a family unit, runs a river whose contents are thicker than water.” Continue reading.

Why Thanksgiving?

56-10030-turkey-1385172506 I was talking to my mother-in-law about Thanksgiving. “What is there to be thankful for?” she asked?  I understood her desperate question. Bev has had a terrible year. Her husband’s dementia is out of control, her grandson just fathered a kid out of wedlock, the economy stinks, she has pain in her legs, and Barack Obama is still in the White House. “The world is going to pot,” Bev tells me.  “How could a person be thankful for this?” I answered her in my latest blog for Purple Clover.

Join Me For “The Mystery of Love”


I’m looking forward to “The Mystery of Love,” a new six-week online learning program beginning September 9. This is my first time offering this course. Love is such an intricate business in all its manifestations: love of a spouse or romantic partner; love of family; love of friends; love of colleagues and role models; and, of course, love of self. We are told that love is the essence  Continue reading

How To Be A Healthy Friend

ct-tribu-weigel-friendship-20130723-001The Chicago Tribune interview about  Ethical Wisdom for Friends just came out.  I’ve been having great luck with reporters on this book so far!  Jenniffer Weigel was so well informed, enthusiastic, and curious about the subject.  Jen made the interview a cinch.  Here’s the article:
How To Be A Healthy Friend

Continue reading

Tips On Having Healthy Friendships

Ethical Wisdom for FriendsI’m very happy with the interview in today’s Chicago Tribune! Jenniffer Weigel did a great job on the piece and in this companion interview.  I’m amazed by how interested people are in the complexities of friend relationships – the great overlooked love affairs in our lives.  We talked about gossip, erotic attraction, forgiveness, fair-weather friends, and the necessity of minding our own business.  We discussed how to break up with a friend, what to do when friends walk away, and the harmful effects of social media on intimacy.  Watch Chicago Tribune Segment

The Do’s and Don’ts of Friendship

WideModern_international-students_130716620x406Rachel Pomerance, the health editor of U.S. News and World Report, just did a great piece about Ethical Wisdom for Friends for the magazine.  We were on the phone for over an hour, exchanging stories about complicated friends (and friendships), jealousy, competition, betrayal, and romantic attraction between friends, and how to deal with friends that sap your energy, mooch, or don’t come through for us in times of need.   Continue reading