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What’s Your Story?

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Every life is a work of fiction. That’s what I tell my writing students. People come to me wanting to tell their life story, the narrative that sums them up, that captures the essence of who they are. They expect to find this story hiding inside them like a Michelangelo statue trapped in the marble, fully formed, waiting to be released. Continue reading

Who Am I? A Spiritual Inquiry – A New Online Course

I’m teaching a new online course called “Who Am I? A Spiritual Inquiry” starting June 17. This is going to be an eye-opening curriculum! who-am-iThe question “Who am I?” is the bottom line for memoir writers but also for spiritual seekers; both groups are fascinated by questions of identity, truth telling, authenticity, meaning, and inner experience. This course will be appeal to people who want to investigate the nature of the “I” (we all share) as distinguished from personality. I’ll be giving a series of writing exercises designed to prompt existential inquiry and help students peel back the layers of their many masks . We all wear so many masks in the world. Who would you be without your masks? Who are you REALLY? This is the inquiry that we’ll be working with. I’m really looking forward to it!