Writing to Awaken: One-Day Workshop

Dig In One Place picWriting to Awaken: A Daylong Workshop in Self-Inquiry & Creative Growth
October 24, 2015
9:30 am – 5 pm
Located at the New York Open Center
22 E. 30th Street
New York, NY  10016
(*This event is not affiliated with the Open Center)
Workshop Fee: $175

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About Writing To Awaken:

Autumn is an excellent time to slow down and create space for self-reflection, which is why I’m offering my workshop, “Writing to Awaken,” on October 24 in New York City. This transformative writing workshop is an introduction to personal writing as a path of self-realization and spiritual practice for people seeking real change.

This will be my only event in NYC this year!

When we tell the whole truth about our experience, we come to understand the mythic dimension of our personal struggles, triumphs, confusions, longings, and so-called mistakes. My teaching practice includes early biography, rites of passage and transitional moments in adulthood that can teach us to experience more joy and to clarify and change your personal mythology.

“When you tell the truth, your story changes.
When your story changes, your life is transformed.”

When we liberate ourselves from the myth that we have no control over our stories and become aware that every life is a work of fiction, we’re freed from the unnecessary limits these narratives impose on us.

Using writing exercises, group dialogue, and selected reading, you will learn to shape life’s raw material into teaching stories. You’ll discover that even our darkest, most unexpected interludes carry within them the seeds of redemption and the ability to grow and become more vibrant.

In “Writing To Awaken,” we will focus on:

        • How to tell “the untold story”
        • How to use beginner’s mind as a point of departure in storytelling
        • How to recognize the interplay of fear and desire in the writing life
        • How to use self-inquiry as a doorway to awareness, creativity, and personal power
        • How to use epiphany, wonder, and awe as brightening agents in your work and life
        • How to recognize that we are a “chorus of selves” with various voices and different perspectives
        • • How to use writing as a spiritual practice to awaken and create a new personal mythology

The techniques I will share with you have helped students around the world lighten their spiritual load and discover their deepest creativity. I’m always amazed by the intimacy that develops in groups doing expressive writing together, and look forward to the authenticity of these sessions which leave students with increased self-awareness, and and are lighter and happier for it. Please join me for this very special event.

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