The Craft of Living Workshop – West Coast 2019

Life is challenging. Each of us must find tools and coping skills to maneuver through the ups, downs, and complexities that each day brings. Developing a healthy and reflective practice to meet these challenges head on with wisdom, grace, and gratitude is the key to living a life that incorporates light and darkness, gifts and flaws, and wounds and joys, into a whole being.

This two-day workshop using Mark Matousek’s Writing to Awaken process, will focus on the use of expressive writing as an unparalleled tool for exposing the truth of your desires, blockages, evasions, and fears to gain insight into the stories and areas of your life you would like to reframe or change.

Scientific studies have shown that a consistent writing practice has the ability to improve physical, mental, and emotional health. Writing to Awaken offers an exceptional opportunity for you to get in touch with your inner voice – your witness – to uncover the truth of your experience. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of your Self and move toward a more liberated, authentic, and awakened life.

Mark’s unique, compassionate teaching style creates a welcoming atmosphere for this deeply transformative work. You do not have to be a writer to benefit from Mark’s teaching. Come with the willingness to respond to the exercises earnestly with an open mind and heart and allow the truth to expose itself on the page. This workshop will prompt insight, spiritual wisdom, and fresh possibilities.

Workshop Tuition:
Early Registration Tuition: $220 (See location details for deadlines)
Full Tuition: $250
Community Building Special: Register with one or more friends and save. Full Details Here.

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